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Most states require 4 high school elective credits.

Music Theory & Composition I

Students will study music theory and apply these principles to composing their own compositions. An understanding of music theory gives the musician the foundational tools and skills needed to succeed in the performance of the instrument of their choice, as well as vocals. This course is designed to introduce theory in a fun and informative way to help each student understand each new concept thoroughly. A short review of theory fundamentals will be followed by more in depth theory principles. Ear Training is also included in the course. Keyboard recommended for this class.

  1/2 Elective Credit  

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Music Theory & Composition II 

Part II of the course will continue in the study of music theory and will include triads, scales, major and minor, primary and secondary triads, augmented and diminished chords, and how these will work together to make a beautiful composition.  More complex compositions will be written during part II of this course. 

  1/2 Elective Credit  

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Personal Finance I

Everyone needs to learn how to balance a checkbook, understand taxes, and budget. It is a skill many don't learn until they practice it in life. Wouldn't it be great to learn how to do this before one strikes out on his/her own?

This course gives real-life lessons without the dreaded real-life mistakes to teach them. Mrs. Walls has a terrific testimony to go along with her years of experience in financial institutions.

  1/2 Elective Credit  

Personal Finance II

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This follow-up to Mrs. Walls's Personal Finance I class teaches students more advanced monetary skills such as investing, home-buying steps, and stock market ins and outs. She teaches students how to make money work for them!

  1/2 Elective Credit  



                      FOREIGN LANGUAGE


                      SOCIAL SCIENCES

                      TEST PREPARATORY


Public Speaking

People's #1 fear is public speaking. Yet at some point we all have to do it. How do we conquer this fear? Experience. We will study the great speakers in history as we create our own orations. In this class students will deliver eight different types of speeches. Using detailed rubrics, students will learn how to create and deliver effective speeches.

  1/2 Elective Credit  

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All Classes $200 per semester

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