Most states require 4 English/Language Arts credits for high school.

Advanced Composition

Our Advanced Composition Class is a writing course for college preparation. Students will cover the basics of several essay types that may include: personal narrative, definition essay, comparison essay, cause-effect essay, and persuasive argumentation. Additionally, Advanced Composition Class students will write an impromptu essay (required by SAT, ACT, and many dual credit entry tests).

Students will be introduced to and will practice several pre-writing strategies to help discern what to write in the Advanced Composition Class.

  1/2 English Credit  

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Banned and Burned

This course is the study of several works that have been banned by various agencies or groups at some point in time. We will explore these works to discover what messages they have for our culture. We will cover some mature topics, but our main focus will always be to point students to their relationship with Christ.  Due to gravity of content and some language, this course is best suited for mature dispositions.

This course includes reading comprehension and critical thinking. Because of the dialogue nature of this class, students will need a functioning microphone.

  1/2 English Credit  

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American Literature

American Literature Online Class is a survey of American Literature covering various authors and literary movements. Beginning with Puritan pastor Jonathan Edwards and ending with the writings of John Steinbeck, student in American Literature Online Class will explore a variety of time periods and movements in American Literature. The main focus of the American Literature Online Class is analyzing the works for theme, symbolism, plot and characterization. This English Literature Classes Online that we conduct stretches students' abilities to think critically and analyze literature.

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British Literature

 The British Literature Class is a survey of British Literature covering various authors and literary movements. Through works such as The Canterbury Tales, Beowulf, and Great Expectations students will explore a variety of time periods and movements in British Literature. The main focus of the British Literature Class is analyzing the works for theme, symbolism, plot and characterization. Also, the British Literature Class stretches students' abilities to think critically and analyze literature. There will be projects, compositions, and in depth class discussions throughout our British Literature Online Course.

  1 English Credit  

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English II

This course is designed for middle schoolers. Students will learn grammar, poetry, literature, writing, and vocabulary to build upon the skills from English I and is designed to flow into the next course (English III).

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Intermediate Composition

The English Composition Online Classes acts as a bridge between English IV and Advanced Composition. A great deal of growth takes place from 8th-10th grade, and we want students to have that nurturing time to develop prior to moving on to Advanced English Composition Online Classes. Students will benefit from the continued review, reinforcement, and practice of essay forms and stylistic guidelines.  Students will practice several pre-writing strategies to help discern what to write in English Composition Online Classes. Students will cover the basics of several essay forms (MLA, APA, and Chicago styles) and will continue to practice advanced grammar and punctuation as they perfect their composition skills in English Composition Online Classes.

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English III

English III students will build upon the basics introduced in English I and II and will develop grammar, writing, poetry, vocabulary, and literary analysis skills. Students will build a solid foundation for grammar concepts and write well-constructed sentences, paragraphs, and essays. The Online Classes English focuses majorly on literature elements that offer lessons on a variety of literary themes and concepts which include plot, poetry, rhyme, dialogue, sound effects, and figurative language. Students need to have a microphone to best participate in the live Online Classes English.

  1 English Credit  

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Intro to Literary Analysis

Prepare for an engaging and exciting exploration of literature! The Online Classes English is designed to introduce you to the fascinating art of analyzing literature and ultimately catapult your skills from beginner to master. Poetry, drama, and novels will be our sources of discovery. We will search for a variety of literary devices such as theme, setting, characterization, symbolism, and plot. You will have the opportunity to share your growing knowledge of literary analysis and hear the insights and perspectives of fellow students through your participation in our class discussions. You will be required to demonstrate your grasp of what you are learning through writing literary analysis compositions.

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Movies as Literature

Movies as Literature is a new course in which students will view 14 classic movies as they explore literary terms, analysis, and critical thinking with our Online Literature Classes. Students will also get the change to read two novels, a short story, selected poetry, and elements of drama in our Online Literature Classes. There will be two full papers and a variety of other analysis projects throughout the 15 weeks of this course.

  1/2 English Credit  

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Writers Workshop is a course which gives English Writing Classes Online for middle school students to gain confidence in their skills as young writers. All types of English Writing Classes Online are creative and will be addressed promptly. Grammar will be covered in small segments. Editing and grammar will be explored throughout the writing process through experience with editing and revision. By focusing on the English Writing Classes Online, students will have fun in this semester long course that is jammed packed with creativity and great information. Details on the text will be listed on the course syllabus too, but it is based on the highly successful WriteShop curriculum.

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Writing ER

English Composition Online Classes are designed to help the high school student build confidence in grammar and writing skills. The course includes some direct grammar instruction, but a great deal of grammar instruction within the context of writing. The course begins by strengthening paragraph writing skills. Students then proceed to write expository, descriptive, persuasive, and literary analysis essays. They also write biographical reports, summaries, observation reports, and business forms such as letters. Some creative and journal writing is also included to give students additional opportunities to express themselves. 

  1 English Credit  

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Writing the Research Paper

This one-semester class walks students through the process of writing the MLA (Modern Language Association) research paper and develops their argumentation skills.

Three research papers are composed during the course beginning with a short essay in which the instructor takes students through the writing process slowly and step-by-step also providing research articles for that essay. The second paper is a longer project with a little less help allowing students to choose their own topic and research materials. The third paper is when the "training wheels come off."

  1/2 English Credit  

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                      FOREIGN LANGUAGE


                      SOCIAL SCIENCES

                      TEST PREPARATORY



All Classes $200 per semester

English I

English Composition Class Online is the first of a series of four comprehensive English classes which includes all of the following: grammar, poetry, literature, writing, and vocabulary. It is designed for late elementary schoolers and early middle schoolers. Prerequisite skills for this class include (1) the ability to recognize the basic parts of speech--nouns and verbs, (2) the ability to read at grade level, (3) the ability to write a complete sentence. This English Composition Class Online also builds English skills from the basics and is designed to flow into the next course (English II).

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English IV

British Literature Online Course is a continuation of English III and is the final level of comprehensive English. This British Literature Online Course component contains lessons on setting, author's purpose, character development, conflict, symbolism, meter, and figurative language. The reading requirements and discussions will prepare students for upper level work at the British Literature Online Course. Students need to have a microphone to best participate in the live British Literature Online Course classroom.

  1 English Credit  

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World Literature

English Composition Class Online offers a survey of World Literature covering various authors and literary movements. Students will study novels, shorts stories, poetry, and drama as they cover works such as The Odyssey, Don Quixote, and Les Miserable. This course will help students gain an understanding of the historical development of literature throughout Western civilization. In addition to analyzing the works themselves, students will also learn about the authors and significant time periods in Online Literature Classes.

  1 English Credit  

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In the modern world where texting and emailing is quite common, you’d think that nobody would notice grammatical mistakes or unstructured sentences with the wrong punctuation. Well, everyone do!

At Big River Academy we believe that your grammar learning begins from middle school. That’s why we offer Online Grammar Course Middle School to build a strong foundation for grammar and punctuation.

The Online Grammar Course Middle School program that we offer is divided into small segments to help students understand the nature of the course. We know that learning proper grammar takes time and to offer you the perfect grammar skills our Online Grammar Course Middle School has trained experts. Our professional tutors are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with different mindsets.

We know there are different types of students. Some are interested in learning grammar rules and doing lots of practice exercises whereas some others consider it to be boring. Whether your kid fits in the first category or the second, our courses are customized to fit the bill.

We will train them to write, read and communicate fluently with the right grammar skills. With our courses, your children will become fluent, eloquent, and masters of the written and spoken words.

Most of the people consider grammar as a separate language, however it’s not. Grammar is all about the rules on which your English language is based on. So to make sure that your content is free from any grammatical errors, you have to improve your grammar. A key question might have popped in your head that how you will learn it? And who’s going to make you learn? Well, Big River Academy is your ideal place to learn grammar and polish it with time.

Here is an outline of benefits that you get to receive when you opt for our online grammar course:

  • We do not teach grammar in a compartmentalized manner that you see in almost all the schools nowadays. We teach grammar holistically so that the students can use it with confidence and fluency whenever they want. 

  • We work according to the needs of the child. We do not believe in teaching textbooks, we believe in teaching languages.

  • We focus on building a strong foundation of grammar basics so you can learn use the grammar rules accurately.

  • Our tutors will work on all aspects of grammar from the parts of speech, sentence structure, to active and passive voice and everything in between. 

  • Depending on your child’s abilities, we design the course to take them to the next level.

  • We’ll help you connect sentences, clauses and teach you to add cause and effect by keeping the concepts simple and understandable. 

  • Our course include key tips that will help you avoid common mistakes which will make your content engaging and readable.

More importantly we will help you master the art of punctuation so feel free to contact us anytime.

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