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You have chosen to teach your kids at home and that is great. We all know the troubles that they get into in schools and their physical and psychological effects that they suffer the rest of their lives. But when it comes to homeschooling your child, choosing the right math curriculum is a definite challenge. With all the varieties courses and curriculums out there, you just don’t know what to choose. Teaching math to a kid is a formidable task, unless you are a math wizard yourself. Fortunately, Big River Academy has exceptional math courses to offer your child. Our math tutors are highly qualified and know exactly how to give your children the personal attention that they deserve. Every child is unique and our tutors treat them as such.

At Big River Academy, we ensure that we don’t teach anything to your child in isolation, but integrate it holistically with their environments so they grow up to be critical thinkers, model citizens, and good Christians.

Advanced Composition

This course is a writing course for college preparation. Students will cover the basics of several essay types that may include: personal narrative, definition essay, comparison essay, cause-effect essay, and persuasive argumentation. Additionally, students will write an impromptu essay (required by SAT, ACT, and many dual credit entry tests). Students will be introduced to and will practice several pre-writing strategies to help discern what to write.

Budding writers will learn stylistic rules and customary usage to help avoid common pitfalls. This writing intensive course will prove very advantageous, as the essay is a fundamental writing requirement for college papers.

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Being the best Online Homeschool Math Classes in river city, we offer expertise at each level. Our math tutors are supportive and have the ability to customize the course to according to your child’s learning capacities. Before hiring tutors for Online Homeschool Math Classes or others, we analyze their personal suitability and one-to-one support.

At Big River Academy, we offer Live Online Math Classes for Homeschoolers. We educate the kids belonging to Christian families as well as those families who tend to lean towards Anti-vaccinations and those who have had bad experiences in school and want alternate and safer educational methods for their children. Our Live Online Math Classes For Homeschoolers are not only reliable but beneficial and affordable too.

The main drive behind our excellent math and Algebra Classes Online is the hard work and effort of our tutors. Moreover, we provide free assessment and our tutors create a custom study plan tailored to the capability of the student. The students mostly love our interactive sessions and convenience that we offer at each pace.

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Teaching Algebra is no joke. Unless you have an interactive and engaging method for teaching, you will only end up boring the child. Our Online Algebra Course For High School Credit hours are interactive, engaging, and flexible so you can customize them according to your need. This allows us to build better learning concepts with no peer pressure. The Online Algebra Course For High School Credit scheme is maintained to enhance your child’s enthusiasm for learning. It even allow them to explore new and unique learning methods for algebra.

Our tutors at Online Algebra Course For High School Credit help reduce classroom anxiety. The experts allow the students to take online assessments on the Online Algebra Course For High School Credit. The online tests help them to analyze their position. Students can discuss queries with the specialists.

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                      FOREIGN LANGUAGE


                      SOCIAL SCIENCES

                      TEST PREPARATORY



All Classes $200 per semester


All the expert tutors we have for Homeschool Geometry Online courses are qualified professional teachers. They have been working in the education sector for a long time and their experience speaks for itself. Our Homeschool Geometry Online classes are for students who need to learn and practice geometry from the scratch as well as those who just want to brush up their skills before sitting for the exam.

Our experts offer interactive and non-traditional math homeschooling by involving the students into their activities. These activities not only engage them but also encourage them to study better. The one-to-one interaction with expert teachers and the interactive games and activities enable the children to think outside the box and enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Big River Academy helps kids of any age to outshine their ability to learn. Our motive is to deliver the knowledge and right set of skills by developing their math skills and confidence to tackle technical questions.

With our expert help, your kids will be able to solve complex problems and algorithms. We offer beginner courses for mid schoolers whereas high schoolers are trained on advance level.

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