Marina Walls

Personal Finance

Mrs. Walls is a graduate of George Mason University and holds a B.A. degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in Global Economy and Management. She spent the first part of her professional career as a Banker for nearly ten years before becoming a stay at home mom for her two daughters, aged 5 and 2. She is currently homeschooling her eldest daughter and is actively involved with multiple homeschool groups.

A native of Minsk, Belarus, Mrs. Walls developed a passion for personal finance after arriving in the United States at age 19 with $250 dollars in her pocket and no friends or family around. She believes that personal finance education, taught with a biblical perspective, is an important foundational block that can help students become good stewards and be financially responsible members of society.

Mrs. Walls is a native Russian speaker and finished her primary studies plus 2 years at Belarus State University in Minsk, Belarus. Belarus used to be a part of the former Soviet Union and still shares the Russian language as its primary language as well as many other cultural aspects with Russia. In addition, Marina spent 1 year living in the Tumen region of Russia, where she learned more about the richness of Russian culture while her dad had been working on an assignment there. After moving to the United States, Marina continued teaching the Russian language to others who would like to embark on a journey to Russian language and culture.

Mrs. Walls enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family. She resides in the Northern Virginia suburbs with her husband and two daughters outside of Washington DC.

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