About Us

Who is Big River?

The Apalachicola River runs through Blountstown, Florida, the hometown of our founder. In fact, that river is the reason the town came to be. Over a hundred years ago the Apalachicola, or “Big River” as the locals call it, was the main mode of transportation for commerce for the area. Today, the river is not as heavily used as a means of transportation, but it is treasured by locals and visitors as an enriching source of recreation and history.

The Big River is also invaluable to the area’s ecosystem. Teaming with life, the Apalachicola River provides an environment to fish, birds, mammals, and lots of alligators. Not only is the river a major source of fresh water wildlife, but it flows into the Apalachicola Bay which flows into the Gulf of Mexico. From the origins of the river system far up in the Smoky Mountains of the Eastern United States to the salty waters of the gulf, the Big River nourishes and is home to countless plants and animals.

Like the waterway, Big River Academy will serve the needs of its families for its necessities and enrichment.

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