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NCAA Approved

Big River Academy is Proud to announce that it is an NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Approved Online High School. As an NCAA-approved institution, we take pride in offering a unique educational experience tailored for student-athletes seeking both athletic and academic success.

This recognition opens doors for our students, providing them with opportunities to pursue collegiate sports while receiving a top-tier education through online courses.

Student Athletes, National Collegiate Athletic Association

Academic Excellence

Prospective college athletes, core courses

Explore our diverse academic programs designed to prepare students for a successful future. From college preparatory courses to advanced placement options, our curriculum meets NCAA eligibility requirements, ensuring student-athletes are well-equipped for their academic and athletic journeys.


Joining Big River Academy is straightforward. We welcome dedicated students who are passionate about both academics and athletics. Admission is open to student-athletes who are driven to succeed and embrace the unique opportunities our online learning environment provides. The NCAA courses are available for all eligible High School Students.

NCAA Approved Courses

We are happy to inform you that all of our high school courses are NCAA Approved. This ranges from English, Mathematics, Sciences, and SAT/ACT Courses. Check out our Courses Page for the full list of courses.

Meet our exceptional faculty and staff, each dedicated to guiding students on their academic and athletic journeys. Our experienced educators and coaches bring a wealth of knowledge, fostering an environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential.


A: This recognition means that Big River Academy is approved for students who are preparing to be college athletes also known as college-bound student-athletes. This allows them to continue training and practicing at the level they need to progress in their sport without having to sacrifice educational advancement.

A: NCAA Eligibility allows schools to be recognized as a resource for parents and student-athletes to turn to for furthering and reaching high school education requirements.

A: Becoming NCAA Approved is for college-bound student-athletes who need a more flexible schedule to accommodate their rigorous training.

A: All of our High School Courses have been NCAA Approved.

Visit our Courses Page to see the whole list.

A: These courses are based on a semester schedule. Our courses are not “at your own pace” courses. Our teachers hold weekly classes online with the students to make sure they are on track with the course material and are meeting academic requirements.

A: Our courses are available to all students whether or not they are college-bound or need an NCAA-approved course. This is an added benefit for students who are looking and need to take classes that are NCAA Approved.

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If your child is interested in attending Big River Academy this fall and they are willing to put in the time and effort to catch up, then late registration is still open for you.                                 APPLY TODAY.

Education is our mission and if we can help just one more student, we are happy to try.

Serving English and Language Arts from 6th-12th grade. LEARN MORE

  • Biology
  • Chemestry
  • Creation Science
  • Astrology
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

American Government, Economics, & Exploring US History to name a few. LEARN MORE

  • Music Theory & Composition I & II
  • Personal Finance I & II
  • Public Speaking
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