Test Preparatory

SAT/ACT Preparatory

This SAT/ACT class prepares students to perform well on both the SAT and ACT college entrance exams. We believe, as do many educators, that students should take both tests. Most colleges will accept either and students will sometimes score higher on one exam than the other. We use books by different publishers because we feel that they do the best job of preparing students for each test, respectively. This class covers all subject matter on these two exams (reading, math, english and science) as well as essay-writing and test-taking strategies.

This will be a 7 week self-paced course. Instead of 90 mins of content a week, students will have a minimum of 3 hours of class recordings to watch per week.
Teacher Marjorie Impraim
Time Self-Paced Course
Homework Load Approximately one hour per day
Credits ½ Elective
Grade Range High School
Tuition $200.00
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