Haley Hill



Haley Hill first began teaching August 2012 in the brick-and-mortar public classroom. Although she still continues to serve in the public school system today, Haley joined the Big River Academy team in 2017.  It is her firm belief that good education should first be based on the teacher’s relationships with both Jesus Christ and the students. Jesus, the greatest Teacher, says, “Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart…” in Matthew 11:29. She believes she can only be a better educator by better knowing Christ. The best instructors walk alongside students and families in humility and love while still providing the structure necessary for a solid education. Her favorite field, science, is the perfect topic to use to learn about God’s love for us. Through it, students can explore creation and get to know the Creator better through their surroundings.

​Outside of the classroom, Haley enjoys spending time with her husband, John Hill, and  family, helping lead worship at church, cooking (the best kind of chemistry experiment!), and playing guitar. Each day she is thankful for her family, community, and job.

More About Haley Hill

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