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Benefits Of Online Homeschool

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Everything has changed in 2020. One of the most impactful changes has been the way families and schools have had to adjust the way students are being taught. For many, everything has moved to a virtual or at home school. It has been hard for teachers, students, and families. A lot of people have switched online homeschool permanently.

While the circumstances of this year were unforeseen, and the resulting changes to learning for children aren’t easy — there are benefits to online homeschool that you may not have realized. Especially when it comes to online homeschool for high school students. Here are a few of them.

Online Homeschool Saves Time

By having homeschool online, there are several ways that it can save time for your family. With the ability to have school right from your home, there is no need to drive to school, catch the bus, or even get dressed and eat before class if you don’t want to. There is nothing stopping you from taking advantage of our flexible schedule.

This is the perfect way to have school for students who have jobs, family responsibilities, or prefers to be a night owl. Plus, online homeschool students develop time management skills. This is also an essential life-skill. With assignments that are laid out in advance, students know what they need to do and they figure out when to get things done.

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Independent Learning

One major benefit for students who learn from online homeschool is that it helps them to become independent learners. Students must put in the effort and interact with the curriculum to learn and progress. This helps every homeschool student — not just in school, but these skills help in the future too. The confidence it builds benefits them for the rest of their lives.

Students Can Focus

Every student is different. Some excel in a classroom full of kids. Others may not benefit from having so many people and distractions around as they learn. When a student has trouble focusing in the classroom, it can lead to additional issues. Grades can suffer. They may have a poor relationship with the teacher who may feel that they are unruly or not giving their best effort.

The good news is that with online homeschool, you can control the number of distractions happening during study time. Without other students making jokes or causing distractions, chances are that students have an easier time learning efficiently. As a result, your student will be able to learn at their pace, which may vary depending on the subject matter.

Fewer Costs

Online programs are either free, such as public high school GEDs, or are very cheap compared to the tuition fees of private schools. This is an easy way of getting a good quality education without the associated expenses that come with attending an institute. Even required course materials and books can be accessed for free. Save even more money! Plus, you can avoid the gas money, lunch money, wear and tear on your vehicle, and many more potential expenses by having school in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Create A Custom Curriculum

It can be hard to find variety in a traditional school setting. For example, if a student is struggling with a concept, like algebra, they can take a break when they need to. This can help prevent students from dealing with unnecessary frustration. Sometimes all it takes is a break. Then they can come back with a clear mind and figure out the concept they were struggling with.

Advanced Courses

Online homeschool doesn’t have to stop with a high school diploma. This method of schooling is flexible enough that students have the option to advanced courses for college credit too. This puts your student in an advantageous position as they move on to further their career.

Opportunity And Resources

Learning online puts practically the entire world at your fingertips. Chemistry, physics, and just about any other subject are yours for the taking. You can take virtual field trips to places like the Smithsonian. Learn a language. We offer French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Classes like these make it possible for students to interact with other students and people all over the world. We make sure that our teachers and staff are available to help when students need it. In addition, with school at home, most students have family and parents available to help when necessary.

Special Accommodations

Speaking of resources. We do everything we can to provide the resources and accommodations for EVERY student. Over the years, we have worked with many students requiring special needs. These are just a few of the learning challenges for which we make accommodations. Every student is unique, and even if a learning challenge is not diagnosed, special accommodations may need to be observed.

  • Dyslexia — Our literature classes encourage students with dyslexia to listen to free audiobooks. Most of the books covered have them. We also work to improve reading skills. Teachers provide links and sources to audiobooks for the good of our students.
  • Dysgraphia — Students do the vast majority of their communication and assignments through typing. For students with this challenge, typing tends to be a relief. For students who are intimidated by typing, it gives them ample practice. Many find that they improve by leaps and bounds throughout the semesters.
  • Nonverbal Learning Disability — We provide opportunities for students to interact socially in the classroom if and when they are comfortable. Students can be as involved with others as they wish. Through the use of chat, many feel very comfortable and safe interacting. Because they can “edit” or “preview” their comments and questions, those who are typically shy in a group can feel freer to express themselves.
  • ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) — Assignments are broken up into small enough sections that students can focus on manageable amounts. Instructors give students seven days to complete assignments.

Our teachers are more than willing to work with any student who needs extra special care and compassion. If you have a concern that is not listed above, please contact us for more information.

In Conclusion

We have discussed just a few of the many benefits of online homeschool. It is a very viable and smart option for just about any child to earn a high school diploma. Questions? Check out our FAQs or contact us to learn more. Feel free to email us or message us on social media. Make sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and YouTube to keep up with the excitement at Big River Academy.

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