Christine Filipek


After growing up in Connecticut, Christine graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a bachelor’s degree in Education and a minor in Bible and psychology . She married her college sweetheart, Keith, and they soon moved to Michigan. They both knew that before having their first child over 24 years ago that they would homeschool and they both have enjoyed the journey. Besides teaching her own children for the past 20 years, Christine has taught in private Christian schools and Apologia sciences to families in her home for 4 years before teaching several classes at the Quest Tutorial.

Christine began the REACH Tutorial in 2012 and has been teaching classes in a variety of areas and manages several teachers to meet the needs of local homeschoolers. She and Keith have served in leadership positions over the past 15 years with two homeschool support groups and are currently on their homeschool council serving locally and at the state level. She feels that God has put her in this place and time to share her passion for excellence in home education and to help other homeschoolers continue their homeschool journey.

Currently, she is teaching High School Astronomy, MS Chemistry, Earth & Space, Physics and Creation Science.

More About Christine Filipek

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