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How Live Online Homeschool Works

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When it comes to pursuing an education, you want the best option that suits you or your student. The education system has evolved and improved and strives to give students the best options for their education. The setting where the live classroom and learning take place can play such an important role in a person’s education. Educational learning has many different settings but the two most common are classroom and homeschooling. And either can take roles in online learning. Learning in a classroom in person is known as traditional learning and it’s the most common type of educational path.

We offer live online homeschool classes. Which can also be known as online learning. In both settings, learning, understanding, and succeeding are important and vital which is why both settings can have their benefits as well as their difficulties. Nowadays more and more people are opting to learn in an online or even live online homeschooling setting and it has a lot of benefits for multiple students.

Homeschooling Classes And Online Classes

There are two different types of classroom settings outside of the actual classroom. These are known as homeschooling and distancing learning, which is also known as online learning. They are very similar. Even in teaching styles but the main and biggest difference is the delivery and management of the classwork.

With homeschooling, the majority of the time a parent, guardian, or even caregiver is responsible for the teaching and the delivery of classwork and homework. With distance learning, also known as online learning, our teachers observe, teach, and deliver live online classes and classwork. Both hold similarities as they can provide students with a way to learn and pursue their education from home.

There are a lot of benefits to the two teaching techniques. Both can provide a great academic pathway for your students. There are also quite a few differences. These are important to consider when trying to decide what pathway is best for your student. There are many benefits of homeschooling and how this method of schooling can benefit students. Some of those benefits include:

Family Bonding

With education being a shared experience between parents and high school students, it can bring families closer together.


This is probably one of the biggest perks of homeschooling families and students. Homeschooling gives you the option to freely choose your own schedule. Flexibility offers your student a smoother and less stressful way to pursue their education.

Unique Curriculum

Some high school students struggle to learn in a typical classroom setting. Homeschooling can offer students an easier solution. Homeschooling can allow a parent or instructor to tailor their instruction to the way their high school student learns the best. This technique works great for all students, even ones who don’t struggle in a typical classroom setting. This can make your student’s day run more efficiently, which can save you and your student’s time and energy.

Live Online Learning

Homeschooling learning can also include online courses and live online courses. Online classes and live online classes can be incredibly beneficial to students, even outside of the traditional classroom setting. Some of the benefits of online classes may include:

  • Student independence. Students who want more independence outside of the classroom and from their parents or caregivers can find that homeschooling can give them that independence. Independence can be an important aspect of a student’s development that can be achieved through online learning and live online classes.

  • Affordability. This is important for a lot of families. And why online school and live online classes can be a huge benefit to families and students. This means students can learn wherever without the risk of a financial burden.

  • Less time consumption for homeschooling parents. Homeschooling can be time-consuming. Some homeschooling parents and homeschool families might not have time outside of work and other responsibilities to create and teach lesson plans for their students. Our online learning, live online classes, and online homeschool classes offer that time flexibility for families with busy work schedules.

Homeschooling and online learning are often one and the same. A homeschooling parent may opt for a combination of both. Both offer great dynamics and qualities for students to meet their educational goals.

Online Class Vs Live Online Class

Taking a look at online learning and online classes more in-depth, there are some distinguishing differences between online classes and live online classes. Online learning is convenient because in many cases your student can learn on their own time. Our teachers share lesson plans and assignments through an online portal for homeschooled students to access at any time. Online classes give you the flexibility to complete your classwork around your own schedule and work on a schedule that works best for you or your child’s education.

Live online classes are very similar to online classes. Both take place over an online portal and can still work around a student’s schedule but live online classes take place during a regularly scheduled time online. Live online classes allow your student to interact with their instructor and their classmates together just as you would in an in-person classroom. Live online classes are similar to in-person learning as well because you get the same level of interaction but you complete your schoolwork and assignments outside of the live online classes. Live online classes give your student the same classroom experiences as you would get in an in-person classroom, lectures, and classroom discussions.

Online classes and live online classes can prepare your students and other homeschooling families for college and a work path after high school.

Big River Academy

We started out as a smaller community from a larger school that offered online courses that closed in 2016. Many of our core teachers transitioned over to Big River Academy after the end of the last school year. We have a great international following with students from all around the globe. Because we have students in different time zones, we also offer recordings of our live classes if they can’t attend our live class.

At Big River Academy, we offer live online classes, online homeschool classes, and live online homeschool classes. We pride ourselves on providing quality live online homeschool classes for both middle school and high school students in an online classroom setting. We can provide students with a safe and encouraging environment that gives them room to grow and succeed in an online learning community that meets every week in a live online classroom and a great environment to complete the entire course.

Take a look at our Big River blog to learn more about our learning community and see what live classes we have to offer.

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