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Your education is the foundation for developing a successful career. In 2021, there are almost endless options to use your computer or mobile device for online classes. Everything from history to social science, to math, and more. The days of having no choice but to physically attend class in a specific location are gone.

For many people, online classes are preferred for quite a few reasons. The biggest would be the fact that people are about to take their online classes from the comfort of their home. Sure, this format has been non-traditional in the past. But the world is changing faster than ever and before you know it, online classes will be the norm.

The internet is full of sites offering online classes — including ours. (You can see all of the classes we offer here). With so many places to learn and topics to learn about, you can learn just about anything in an online class. So, whether you are still in school and working towards a degree for career development or just want to learn a specific skill — online classes can help.

Why Choose Online Classes

Everyone has their own reasons why taking classes online would be preferred. Here’s a quick list that may fit your situation.

  • Work. Oftentimes, people who work don’t want to expend the time and energy to physically attend a class somewhere outside of their home.
  • Illness. As we’ve learned from COVID-19, sometimes you just aren’t able to be around people for health and safety reasons.
  • Availability. You might want to learn a specific skill or certification that is not offered in a physical location you have access to.

Going online to take a class can eliminate all of these issues. Now you can learn about movies and literature, public speaking, speaking German, or anything else at any time and in any place. Work, illness, and timing don’t have to stop you anymore.

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Academic Classes For Students

Some families have difficulty with a traditional school setting. It is hard for those who are frequently moving to new locations. It is hard for those who have special needs for their kids. And it is hard for others too. This can have a major impact on a child’s career development. That is a problem.

The solution is online schooling. Modern technology makes it easy for students to learn the bare essentials of their education — English, Math, Science, History — and take some electives too! Students that have medical conditions or other educational hurdles have a whole world available with online classes. Some of those hurdles may define limits, but the learning available online is limitless. See the full list of classes we offer here

Foreign Language Online Courses

Girl Holding Spanish SignLearning a new language is a popular thing to do online and it can be a great skill to have when it comes to career development. Online courses can help you achieve a love for a new language in your own space. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, check out our foreign language classes and use these tips for taking live online foreign language classes.

Music Classes Online

People with creative minds and an interest in music can also benefit via online courses. You can learn about music theory and apply the principles to your own music. An understanding of music theory gives the student the foundational tools and skills needed to succeed in the performance of the instrument of their choice, as well as vocally. 

Personal Finance Online Class

Everyone needs to learn how to balance a checkbook, understand taxes, and budget. These are skills many don’t learn until they practice them in life. This is going to impact everything they do in the future — from future education to career development to supporting a family. Our Consumer Math course will help students navigate real-life financial situations while applying everyday math skills. And they can do it in the comfort of their home.

Online History Classes

Not everyone has an interest in history. There are those who find it to be boring, but a lot of students find that it is a fascinating class to take online. We offer U.S. History in an interactive class that leads the student through the exciting and fascinating story of how the most powerful nation on Earth came to be. We’ll learn about the very beginning of the original peoples of this land all the way to the present. The ideas and principles of the founders of this country will be explored and applied to how we think about our country today. Students can also take World History. Classes like these are much more exciting in an online forum compared to just learning from a bulky history textbook.

Taking Social Science Online Classes

Another topic that would be helpful for every citizen to know about basic law and criminology. There are lots of resources online with this kind of information, including here at Big River Academy. We’re lucky to have a teacher like Tom Anderson teaching The American Criminal Justice System & Homeland Security as well as Criminological Crime Scene Investigation. He’s got an extensive background in law enforcement and does a great job with these classes.


Online courses have opened many doors for students and individuals who are eager to get an education and build their career development on the own terms. Online classes have become a blessing that enables anybody to learn anything at any time and anywhere in the world. Questions? Check out our FAQs or contact us to learn more. Feel free to email us or message us on social media. Make sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and YouTube to keep up with the excitement at Big River Academy.

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Education is our mission and if we can help just one more student, we are happy to try.

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