Using Online Biology Classes To Energize Students About Cellular Respiration


Science is a subject that cannot be taught to all the students at a single pace. Some students can learn fast and some like to take it slow. Also, some students might find a unit very interesting and speed through it and others might think that it’s boring or difficult to learn. When you are studying in a classroom, you don’t have a choice in deciding the pace. The teacher sets the pace, and all the students have to follow it whether they want to or not.


Online biology courses offer you a vast amount of units. If you like a unit, you don’t just have to stick to it, you can explore it further as much as you want. You also get to view multiple types of media and other materials. The best part about taking biology online is that you can spend as much or as little time on a particular topic as you want. It is totally up to you and you can set your own pace. Now with virtual labs, you can even take part in the physical aspect and do all the experimentation you want.

The best part about learning online is that there is no fix time. You can learn from an online biology tutor at the time that fits your schedule. Even if traditional institutes have such facilities, they have a limited time slot for every student. With our online classes, this issue is no more.


Learning cellular respiration is important on many levels. People, especially those who have taken the field of biology and medicine, need to know how living things acquire energy to survive.

We all know that all living things need food, but that doesn’t mean that we can eat anything. If energy is the commodity, then food is the currency which we use to buy it. We have to use just the right currency and pay the right amount. Pizzas, chocolates, and other such stuff are not effective.

Cellular respiration is what gives us the break down about the whole process.

When students learn about cellular respiration, they get insights into their own bodies and what is happening at a micro level that keeps us alive. However, the fact is that this can be a really daunting topic for students and even teachers to cover thoroughly during the time they have been given.

Here are some of the ways online biology classes can benefit you in learning about cellular respiration and make your experience more engaging, approachable and enjoyable.


As humans, we love stories. We can’t have enough of them. Story-telling has been used from time immemorial and is still the best way of dispensing information. With online classes, you can take your students on a journey and share true tales about the famous scientists and doctors who worked hard and remained steadfast to ensure that we get the most authentic information. This will not only increase the students’ interest level, it will also give them important insights into research and how it is done as well as how discoveries are made.


When students learn about past scientists and their work, they will automatically humanize their experience and cellular respiration will start becoming more interesting. But there is still the chance of them asking the “What does it have to do with me?” or any such questions arising. For that, you can share all the ways that cellular respiration is being applied in the real world. This will definitely motivate them and increase their level of excitement.

When they find out what happens to their bodies on a micro level when they exercise, or when they overeat, they will immediately make a connection between the topic and their need for it. For example, sharing the process of how lactic acid is formed when we exercise and that is the reason our muscles hurt is very interesting and directly relates to us.

You can also share videos and other media to show the students what happens when cellular respiration goes wrong. There are a lot of diseases that occur like diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s, among others.

Did you know that the most famous killing agent that is featured in movies and novels “Cyanide” acts by inhibiting one of the key enzymes in cellular respiration? How do you think your students will take this information?


Online biology classes are popular for many reasons, but the most essential reason is that you can share all sorts of visuals and videos to teach any topic. You can take the help of colorful animations, videos, info graphics, or any other media to bring the subject matter to life. Help the students build a strong mental image and associate it with the topic for better retention and understanding.

Studies have shown that people react more to visual stimuli as compared to just text and a few picture. Online classes are more visual and thus have a better impact on the students’ attention span and their capacity to understand.


A new enhancement in the field of online studying is the concept of Virtual Labs. Your students don’t have to buy all the equipment in a scientific laboratory, or visit one to experiment. They can just enroll in a virtual lab and do all the experimentation from the comfort of their homes. You can use gamification and storytelling to give your students an immersive and engaging experience that they won’t usually find in traditional classes.


There are lots of benefits of teaching abstract and complex topics like these online. Big River Academy offers you access to all the material at any time, at your convenience and you can use it as much as you want. Take your time, study as much as you want, and ask any and all questions. Our online teachers are more than willing to quench your thirst for knowledge.

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