Most states require 3 high school science credits.

Advanced Composition

This course is a writing course for college preparation. Students will cover the basics of several essay types that may include: personal narrative, definition essay, comparison essay, cause-effect essay, and persuasive argumentation. Additionally, students will write an impromptu essay (required by SAT, ACT, and many dual credit entry tests). Students will be introduced to and will practice several pre-writing strategies to help discern what to write.

Budding writers will learn stylistic rules and customary usage to help avoid common pitfalls. This writing intensive course will prove very advantageous, as the essay is a fundamental writing requirement for college papers.

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Are you curious about brown eyes and blue eyes? We will learn about genetics! Are you curious about diseases? We will discuss bacteria and viruses! Are you curious about life? We will understand cells-and what makes them tick! This course is intended for high school level biology students covering topics including: Cells, taxonomy, scientific method, chemistry of biology, genetics, embryology, bacteria, viruses, creation vs. evolution, biosphere, photosynthesis, invertebrates, vertebrates, plants, ecology, etc. Students will learn and submit formal lab reports as assignments on labs chosen by the teacher. 

  1 Science Credit  

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This course will cover Properties of Matter, The Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Nomenclature, The Mole, Chemical Equations, Stoichiometry, Gas Laws, Phase Changes, Acids and Bases, and pH. Labs during the course will focus on making observations, drawing conclusions and writing lab reports.

  1 Science Credit  

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Bridge to Biology

This life science course is aimed for the middle grades (6-8), and provides students with the opportunity to learn about living things and the way that God created them to function. Course topics include: the nature of science;  characteristics of life; cell structure and function; genetics; creationism and how it relates to biology; microbiology, plant biology, and animal biology; and finally, the unique design of the human body. While coursework will be at a seventh to eighth grade level, it is also appropriate for a more advanced sixth grade student or a bridge to biology for a student who needs preparation for a more advanced biology course. 

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This class will be a look at the study of psychology, the study of the human mind and behavior.  In this very practical class, you will learn how your mind processes and interprets information.  You will explore topics such as mental health and wellness, how to build successful interpersonal relationships, how to improve your study habits and memory, as well as, how the brain grows and develops. 

This class is designed for students in grades 8-12. 

  1 Science Credit  

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                      FOREIGN LANGUAGE


                      SOCIAL SCIENCES

                      TEST PREPARATORY



All Classes $200 per semester


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  1 Science Credit  

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