Taking High School Classes Online vs. Going to an Institution


There are many reasons why the current education system is going through a major change. The ides of traditional schooling institutions and what they bring to the lives of young people is being questioned, with more and more parents opting to homeschool their children. Not only this, but the challenges these schools face are large and frustrating, from budget cuts to less course options. Taking classes online has become a common trend in most developed countries, especially for middle and high school students. This alternative to the brick and mortar concept of schooling has become more popular as the internet integrated into daily life. Although there was some initial criticism about online learning being subpar to traditional education, it has since been proven that this is not the case.

Learning and its Evolution

In the medieval time, high school and colleges consisted of clergy members who would teach students about theology, county laws and religious texts. While these institutions were the hub of repositories of world knowledge, they were restricted in a lot of ways. There was no space to learn other subjects, women were not taught anything other than housekeeping and libraries were accessible to a few lucky people. European countries took the concept of these institutions and evolved their education systems in the 15th century. There was early schooling in a range of subjects, like medicine, law and business. This also evolved after the Industrial Revolution when technological changes were coming to the average household.

Online Education for High School Students

Online courses are promising not only because of the range of courses they offer, but also because of the ease of access. Students are exposed to multiple possibilities to learn and expand their horizons, which is gradually redefining what we consider to be good education. The traditional classroom is no longer home to brilliant minds and newfound ideas, instead there is an online community of educated and learned individuals. The guarantee of online learning is not just one factor: there are many ways it is being adjusted to meet and cater to all kinds of student needs.


When students study online, they have more room to create their own learning environments and study at their own pace. They get to decide what works best for them and give each course the adequate amount of time. Furthermore, they can study anywhere they like, from their bedrooms to cafes. So whether they are out of town or even on vacation, they will never miss a class and stay up to date with their studies.

No Commuting Issues

Commuting to school wastes a lot of time and many students complain about their schools being far away. Traffic and weather conditions can cause a lot of commuting issues and public transport can lead to wasted time and tiredness for students. Attending online classes requires no commute and all students have to do is log in their details.

Less Costs

Online programs are either free, such as public high school GEDs, or are very cheap compared to the tuition fees of private schools. This is an easy way of getting a good quality education without the associated expenses that come with attending an institute. Even required course materials and books can be accessed for free, saving even more money.

More Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is a trait commonly lacking in most middle and high school students. Studying by yourself through online courses is an important step in acquiring more motivation and building time management skills. This helps students focus on deadlines and work at their own pace with more responsibility.


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