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If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that there is always more for us to learn. We have all had to adapt and find new ways to do things. It has also been a great reminder of the importance of biology and online biology classes in our world. Yes, we have learned a lot about who we are and how our bodies work. This is true for other organisms too. Whether they are plants, animals, germs, etc. But there is much work to be done. Right now, that work is to learn about and find a vaccine for COVID-19.

Biology is essentially studying about life. It can give us an in-depth, scientific understanding of the way both living and nonliving organisms interact. The field of biology includes many other fields that are related to the sustainability of life, including the environment, ecosystem, food quality, causes of illnesses, the development of medicines, the study of the human body, and many more.

Importance Of Biology

The key to our existence and the existence of the entire ecosystem is biology. There is a huge demand for people who are interested in our past, present, and future as a species. Biologists have played a vital role in the development of our world as a whole. This will continue in the future. Whether its climate change, evolution, or any other matter, biologists are tasked with discovering the reasons for the working of different organisms and predicting their development for the future. We will take a look at some of the areas that studying biology can lead you. But first, here are six reasons for the importance of biology.

Knowledge Of The Human Body

Human Body diagramStudying biology allows us to learn and understand our bodies. And why things happen the way they do. For example, this is how students can learn about their growth spurts, changes in their appearance, and what happens during puberty. In addition, biology includes pathology — the study of diseases and how they affect both humans and animals. This enables us to find cures and vaccines for health conditions. Hopefully, we’ll have a breakthrough for COVID-19 soon.


We all take biology at some point. So it plays a part in shaping virtually everyone’s career in some fashion. Doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, and most other career paths will include the study of life and living organisms. If you think you’re on a career path that doesn’t involve biology, you may be wrong. For example, a beautician needs some biology background because they work with skin, fingers, nails, etc.

Problem Solving

Biology holds the answer to many of the biggest problems in the world. Right now the entire world is being impacted by something (COVID-19) that needs a solution from biology. There are plenty more issues in the world today — climate change, food issues, etc. — that the study of biology is related to.

Learn Basic Living

We all need to know about maintaining our health. What should we eat? When should we eat it? How much? Biology answers these questions. We also learn about how to plant, grow, and cultivate our food. It can even help people to create the best shelter for comfortable living.

Life Questions

Where do we come from? God? Evolution? Certainly, there are differing viewpoints for the answers to questions like these. Whether you believe in religion or science, without a way to 100 percent prove either believe, learning about the theories of biology is important.

Scientific Investigations

Another important piece of the biology puzzle is that is how we can conduct scientific investigations. These experiments help us to learn about the world we live in. Biologists are the ones who perform field work for these investigations. Their expeditions and explorations collect the information we need to know about the world around us.

Fields In Biology

The importance of biology extends to just about every aspect of human life. This is why it is a must-take course in school. Now, let’s take a look at some of the fields learning about biology can lead you to.

Team Of Doctors


Medicine is a vast field and is one of the most important fields as regards to our future. Although there is much that has been done, there is room for a lot more. In the future, we may be provided medicine that is personalized according to our DNA and our environment. This will ensure that everyone gets the results that they are in need of.

Recently scientists have discovered that rapid sequencing of our DNA is possible. In the future, studies will be conducted in pharmacogenetics to find out how different individuals respond to certain drugs and how the variations in our DNA act. Even the smallest difference can impact our systems and our ability to accept the drug in huge ways. These studies will allow doctors to prescribe the most effective regimen for every individual. Biologists will have a big part to play in this scenario.

Research has suggested that some drugs are more effective and produce the best effects when taken at a certain time of the day. Biologists will be tasked to find out the reason and find out when a certain drug will have the most effect.


Biotechnology is one of the most crucial industries of the future. It is tasked with finding solutions to some of our biggest problems like scarcity of food, sustainable fuel, and effective medicine. Biologists will collaborate with engineers, doctors, and technologists to create new technologies that will be sufficient to answer all of our questions.

When you opt for online biology classes, they take you out of the traditional educational box and broaden your horizon to ensure that you don’t just retain and regurgitate the information that you receive, but also apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are a must for the future. You could develop new biofuels from different sources and help create a cleaner and greener environment. You might develop cost-effective and healthy food sources that will help eradicate hunger and famine in third world countries.

Maybe you can work on solar energy and how to best capture it and utilize it as fuel. Using synthetic biology you can help speed up photosynthesis and make better use of the sun’s energy.


The future of biology involves a global workforce that will collaborate and communicate without borders to create necessary solutions to some of our biggest problems. But you need to ensure that you apply 21st-century skills like collaboration, problem-solving, problem analyzing, out of the box thinking, among others. With online biology classes, you can learn all these things and more at your own pace and the best part is that there is no stopping you. You can learn as much as you want. Check out our online biology classes here.

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