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At Big River Academy, we believe that mastering English is essential for academic success and personal growth. Our diverse range of online English classes, designed for middle school students and high school students who are pursuing their education through homeschool, aims to equip them with the skills they need to excel in writing, literature, and critical thinking. Through engaging coursework, supportive instruction, and a comprehensive language arts curriculum, we strive to create a nurturing environment where students can develop their abilities and confidence.

Holistic English Education

Our English curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded education that covers all essential aspects of English language arts. From foundational grammar and vocabulary to advanced literary analysis and composition, our courses are structured to build on each other, ensuring continuous growth and development for our students.

Language Arts curriculum, online english classes for homeschool

Building Strong Foundations

  • English I and II: For younger students in grades 4 through 8, we offer courses that teaches students the basics of grammar, literature, poetry, writing, and vocabulary. English I introduces students to the fundamental parts of speech, sentence structure, and basic literary analysis. As they progress to English II, students delve deeper into grammar concepts, develop their writing skills with structured paragraphs, and explore more complex literary works. These classes lay the groundwork for more advanced studies, focusing on the essentials that every student needs to succeed in their English education.

Developing Critical Thinking and Analysis

  • Intro To Literary Analysis: As students progress, our Intro To Literary Analysis course introduces them to the art of analyzing literature. This class helps students in grades 9 to 12 develop the skills to dissect texts, identify literary devices, and understand deeper meanings have have a thorough understanding of the text. By studying various genres such as poetry, drama, and novels, students learn to appreciate and identify the elements of literary works and develop the ability to critically evaluate themes, settings, characters, and plots. These skills are crucial for high-level literary studies and foster a deeper understanding of how literature reflects and influences society.

Enhancing Writing Skills

  • WriteShop I and II: Our WriteShop courses for middle school and early high school students foster creativity and proficiency in various writing styles. In WriteShop I, students practice creative, expository, narrative, and persuasive writing, learning how to structure their thoughts and communicate effectively. WriteShop II builds on these skills by introducing advanced description and narration techniques, as well as emphasizing the development of persuasive writing and essay skills. Students engage in brainstorming, pre-writing activities, outlining, drafting, and editing, which helps them develop and organize well-written compositions. This is critical in helping students fine tune their comprehension skills.

Preparing for College and Beyond

  • Advanced Composition and Intermediate Composition: For students in grades 8 to 12, our composition courses bridge the gap between high school and college-level writing. Intermediate Composition provides a nurturing environment for students to develop their writing skills further, covering various essay forms and advanced grammar concepts. Advanced Composition, aimed at grades 10 to 12, prepares students for the rigors of college writing by focusing on essay types required by standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, as well as college applications. Students learn to write personal narratives, definition essays, comparison essays, cause-effect essays, and persuasive arguments, all while honing their impromptu writing skills.

Exploring Diverse Literary Traditions

  • American and British Literature: Our literature courses provide students with a survey of significant works from different periods and regions. In American Literature, students explore the writings of authors from the Puritan era to the 20th century, analyzing themes, symbolism, plot, and characterization. British Literature takes students on a journey through the works of Chaucer, Shakespeare, and other notable British authors, examining novels, plays, poems, and short stories. These classes encourage critical thinking and cultural awareness by examining how historical contexts and literary movements shape the works studied.

Understanding Cultural and Historical Contexts

  • Geography, Culture, and Literature: This unique course combines literature with the study of geography and culture, offering students a holistic view of the world through the lens of literature. Students explore continents, cultures, and people through living history books, mapping exercises, and discussions. This course allows students to see how geography and cultural contexts influence literary works and how literature can provide insights into different societies. High school students can add essays and geography work to their load, enriching their understanding and fostering a global perspective.

Addressing Complex Themes and Discussions

  • Banned and Burned: In this thought-provoking course, students explore controversial works that have been banned at different times. This class promotes critical discussions on censorship, freedom of expression, and the impact of literature on society. By examining why certain books were banned and the cultural and political contexts behind these decisions, students gain a deeper understanding of the power of literature and its role in challenging and shaping societal norms. Weekly discussion questions encourage family conversations, making this a collaborative and reflective learning experience.

Mastering Research and Argumentation

  • Writing the Research Paper: Designed for high school students, especially those in grades 11 and 12, this course is essential for learning how to conduct research and write compelling, well-argued papers. Students are guided through the process of writing MLA research papers, starting with a short essay where the instructor provides step-by-step support and research materials. The second paper requires more independent work, allowing students to choose their own topics and research sources. The third paper, with minimal guidance, helps students develop the skills to write research papers independently, preparing them for college-level coursework.

Supporting Diverse Learning Needs

  • Writing ER and WriteShop Junior: Recognizing that every student learns differently, we offer specialized courses like Writing ER and WriteShop Junior. Writing ER helps high school students build confidence in grammar and writing skills through a combination of direct grammar instruction and contextual writing practice. Students engage in various writing assignments, from expository and descriptive essays to biographical reports and business forms. WriteShop Junior introduces younger students in grades 4 to 6 to the excitement of writing in different genres. Through creative activities and games, students learn essential writing, editing, and grammar skills, making the writing process enjoyable and engaging.

Overarching Goals

At Big River Academy, our overarching goals through our English classes are to:

  • Foster a Love for Literature: We aim to inspire a lifelong appreciation for reading and literature by exposing students to a wide range of authors, genres, and literary traditions. By engaging with diverse texts, students develop a deeper understanding and enjoyment of literature.

  • Develop Strong Writing Skills: Our courses are designed to help students become proficient writers who can express their ideas clearly and persuasively. Through structured writing assignments and personalized feedback, students learn to craft well-organized and compelling pieces.

  • Enhance Critical Thinking: Through literary analysis and discussion, we encourage students to think deeply and critically about texts and their broader contexts. Students learn to evaluate arguments, identify underlying themes, and understand the significance of literary works.

  • Prepare for Academic Success: By providing rigorous and comprehensive instruction, we ensure that our students are well-prepared for the challenges of college-level English and beyond. Our courses equip students with the skills needed to excel in academic writing, literary analysis, and standardized tests.

  • Encourage Independent Thought: Our classes promote independent thinking and the confidence to express original ideas, both in writing and in discussions. Students learn to formulate their own interpretations and arguments, fostering intellectual independence and creativity.

Language Arts curriculum, online english classes for homeschool

Join Us at Big River Academy

Whether your student is just beginning their English journey or preparing for college, Big River Academy offers a supportive and enriching environment for learning. Our courses are designed to meet the diverse needs of homeschool students, providing the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Enroll today and watch your student thrive in their English studies!

For more information and to sign up for classes, visit our website or contact us directly. We look forward to helping your student achieve their full potential in English!

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