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Navigating Big River Academy’s Online Math Courses

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In the dynamic landscape of education, online math courses have emerged as a pivotal resource for middle and high school students. Big River Academy, a source of quality education, stands at the forefront, offering a range of online math courses designed to empower students with essential math skills. Let’s get into the world of online learning at Big River Academy and explore the advantages of its structured semester-based model.

Why Choose Online Math Courses?

A. Flexibility and Convenience within Semester Structure

One of the key benefits of enrolling in Big River Academy’s online math courses is the flexibility they offer within a semester-based structure. Students can enjoy the convenience of studying at their own pace while still adhering to a structured academic calendar.

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B. Personalized Learning with Scheduled Progress

Big River Academy’s online math courses provide a personalized learning experience. Students benefit from expert instructors, scheduled progress, and a curriculum tailored to different skill levels. The courses are carefully crafted to ensure a solid understanding of fundamental math concepts.

C. Access to Expert Instructors

Enriching the learning experience, Big River Academy boasts a team of expert instructors dedicated to guiding students through the intricacies of pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, and consumer math (personal finance). Their expertise ensures that students receive top-notch education and support throughout their academic journey.

D. Interactive Learning Tools

Engagement is key to effective learning. Big River Academy integrates interactive learning tools into its online math courses, providing students with a dynamic and immersive educational experience. Video lessons, problem-solving exercises, and graded assignments contribute to a comprehensive learning environment.

The Big River Academy Advantage

A. Overview of Big River Academy’s Approach

Big River Academy distinguishes itself through a commitment to student engagement and success within a semester-based model. The structured approach ensures that students progress through the curriculum with a clear roadmap, enhancing their overall learning experience.

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B. Emphasis on Student Engagement within a Semester-Based Model

Unlike a traditional “learn-at-your-own-pace” model, Big River Academy’s semester-based structure encourages students to stay on track, fostering a sense of accountability and dedication. This approach ensures that students cover the material thoroughly while receiving continuous support from instructors.

C. Overview of the Structured Learning Environment

The semester-based structure at Big River Academy creates a conducive environment for learning. Students benefit from a well-organized curriculum, regular assessments, and a supportive community that enhances their understanding of math concepts.

Online Math Courses Offered by Big River Academy


In Pre-Algebra, students will be prepared for the equivalent of a standard high school algebraic course (Algebra 1). Topics include integers, fractions, decimals, square roots, basic step equations and inequalities, linear equations, graphs and functions, some geometry, and statistics.

Online Math Course, Basic Math, Middle School

Algebra 1

This Algebra 1 course covers functions and graphs, equations in one and two variables, solving systems of equations, exponents, polynomials, factoring, algebraic fractions, operations on square roots/radicals, solving quadratic equations, and inequalities.

Algebra 2

Algebra II is recommended for high school juniors or any student who has completed Algebra I. Topics include functions and graphs, equations, solving systems of equations, exponents, polynomials, factoring, algebraic fractions, operations on square roots/radicals, solving quadratic equations, and inequalities.


This course covers classic Euclidean Geometry with an emphasis on reasoning skills through proofs and the building of an axiomatic system. Topics include deductive reasoning, points, lines, planes, rays, angles, congruent triangles, geometric inequalities, properties of parallel lines, quadrilaterals, isometries, area, similarity, right triangles and trigonometric ratios, properties of circles, regular polygons, geometric solids, and coordinate geometry.

Consumer Math (Personal Finance)

This course helps navigate real-life financial situations while applying everyday math skills. Topics include balancing a checkbook, understanding taxes, budgeting, and practical financial skills.

Tips for Success in Semester-Based Online Math Courses

A. Time Management Strategies

  • Online courses demand effective time management. Create a schedule that allocates dedicated time for math studies. Consistency is key.

B. Utilizing Scheduled Office Hours and Support

  • Take advantage of scheduled office hours and support sessions offered by instructors. Clarify doubts promptly to maintain a strong understanding of the material.

  C. Collaborative Learning Opportunities

  • Engage with fellow students through collaborative learning opportunities. Discussion forums, study groups, and peer support contribute to a richer learning experience.


As we conclude our exploration of Big River Academy’s online math courses, it’s evident that this institution provides a unique and effective approach to math education. The semester-based structure, combined with expert instruction and interactive tools, positions students for success in their academic journey.

Explore the comprehensive range of semester-based online math courses at Big River Academy to give your middle and high school students a solid foundation in math. Visit our Math Courses page for more information and enrollment.

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