Giuliana O’Connell


I was born, raised and educated in Milano, Italy. I came to America for a three month visit. I came to see my sister and her family and to improve my English. I met my future husband the next day in church. Least to say…my English has improved!

Mr. O’Connell and I have been married for 45 years.  We have three married children: a  daughter, Jennifer, and two sons, Richard and Michael.  We are the proud grandparents of seven grandchildren and counting…

When I am not teaching online, I teach Italian Language and the Humanities, at a local university. My husband and I like to take walks together with our two Labrador Retrievers.  We also like exercising, gardening, camping, bird watching and visiting family in AR, CT and in the regions of Veneto and Lombardia, in Northern Italy. Our dream is to visit the rest of Europe and God willing, show our grandchildren the places that our ancestors came from.

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