Jana Bontrager

Founder, Director, English

A graduate of Florida State University, Mrs. Bontrager obtained her bachelor’s degree in English Education. She began her teaching career in the public school system and loved it. When she discovered an opportunity to combine the career she loved with the advantages of staying at home for her family, she was thrilled. She has five years of online teaching experience to add to her six years of success in the brick-and-mortar classroom.

​She obtained her master’s in Online Education from Concordia University in the summer of 2016 having earned the degree as an online student. She knows both sides of the online classroom.

​She founded Big River Academy to serve homeschool students and families by providing effective, engaging, quality classes. She also teaches English for Big River. She has been teaching online for five years. She does all of this from her home where she can be with her family in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho.

More About Jana Bontrager

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