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NCAA Approved Courses at Big River Academy

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When it comes to balancing academics and athletics, finding NCAA-approved courses is essential for college-bound student athletes. At Big River Academy, we offer a robust selection of courses that meet NCAA core course requirements, ensuring our students are prepared both on and off the field.

What are NCAA Core Courses?

NCAA core courses are classes that meet specific academic standards set by the NCAA Eligibility Center. These courses are crucial for student-athletes aiming to compete at the collegiate level. Here are the key criteria for NCAA core courses:

  • English: Courses such as English 1-4, American Literature, and creative writing.
  • Math: Algebra 1-3, Geometry, and statistics.

  • Natural or Physical Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

  • Social Science: American History, Civics, Government.

  • Additional: Comparative Religion, Spanish 1-4.

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Courses that do not meet NCAA core criteria include vocational or fine arts classes, personal skill development courses, and non-academic subjects.

Why NCAA Approval Matters

The NCAA Eligibility Center reviews the academic records of high school athletes to ensure they meet the necessary requirements to participate in college sports. Taking NCAA-approved courses is crucial because:

  1. Eligibility: Only NCAA-approved courses count towards the 16 core course requirements. Completing these courses is mandatory to qualify for NCAA Division I and II athletics.

  2. Scholarships: Many athletic scholarships depend on academic eligibility. Ensuring you meet NCAA standards increases your chances of securing financial aid.

  3. College Readiness: These courses are designed to prepare students for the academic challenges of college, providing a solid foundation for future success.

NCAA Approved Courses at Big River Academy

Why Choose Big River Academy?

Choosing Big River Academy means choosing excellence in both academics and athletics. Our NCAA-approved courses are designed to challenge and inspire, preparing students for success in college and beyond. Whether you’re aiming for the field or the classroom, our dedicated faculty and flexible online platform ensure that every student can thrive.

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Personalized Learning Experience

At Big River Academy, we understand that every student has unique needs. Our personalized learning approach allows students to progress at their own pace, ensuring they fully comprehend the material. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for student-athletes who must balance rigorous training schedules with academic responsibilities.

Experienced and Supportive Faculty

Our instructors are not only experts in their respective fields but also passionate about teaching and mentoring student-athletes. They provide individualized support, helping students navigate their academic journey while preparing for collegiate-level athletics.

College and Career Readiness

Our curriculum is designed to do more than just meet NCAA requirements. We aim to equip students with critical thinking skills, effective communication abilities, and a strong academic foundation. This holistic approach ensures that our graduates are well-prepared for the demands of college and their future careers.

Enroll Today

At Big River Academy, we are dedicated to providing high-quality education tailored to the needs of student-athletes. Our NCAA-approved courses ensure that you stay on track academically while pursuing your athletic dreams. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Explore Our Courses: Visit our website to browse the full list of NCAA-approved courses we offer. Each course is designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

  2. Contact Us: Have questions or need more information? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help. Whether you need guidance on course selection, enrollment procedures, or NCAA eligibility requirements, we are just a phone call or email away.

  3. Apply Online: Ready to take the next step? Our streamlined online application process makes it easy to enroll. Simply fill out the application form on our website, and one of our admissions counselors will be in touch to guide you through the next steps.

We understand the unique challenges that student-athletes face, and we are committed to providing the resources and support needed to achieve success. From flexible scheduling to individualized academic support, we strive to create an educational experience that accommodates your athletic commitments and prepares you for the future.

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